We Dream In Color

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We dream in color

And what we see

Can bring us horror

Or make us free.


From great green meadows

To dark and twisted plains,

From forests filled with bird song echoes

To cities and houses engulfed in flames.


We see the world around us

The way we wish it was

But when the nightmares find us

These visions crumble to dust.


All the things we’ve done

All the pain we’ve caused

In our sacred dreams will come

And there it hurts the most!


Fear will grip your heart

Darkness will corrode your soul

Guild will tear your mind apart

Horror will devour you whole.


We dream in color

Just to know

Of the hurt we’ve caused

And the pain we’ve brought…





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Сънувах сън в безкрайната тъма

за далечен свят обвит в мъгла.

Там няма болка, болест и умора.

Там няма зли, подмолни, долни хора.

Надлъж и шир простира се трева,

застлана с шарено чергило от цветя.

Птички пеят из горите

и така безгрижно минават си дните.

Слънцето смее се от сутрин до вечер

Луната усмихва се, когато няма го вече.

Звездите блещукат, танцуват дори

в дива, блажена игра до зори.

Будя се аз със леко сърце

и животът прегръщам с двете ръце.

И моля се всички сънища да водят натам,

за да може този свят всеки от вас да види и сам.

Your Love Is Dead

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You knew

Her every single flaw

And yet you learned

To love them all.

In darkest nights

She was your light

That shone so bright

And made things right.


In your bed you lay

With nothing more

Left to say.

But then

She went away

And left you here

Alone to stay.

“I don’t love you anymore”

She said

But a stone-cold gaze

She found instead.

Love is not

A word you utter

Just to make

A person flutter.

Love is

Something you must feel


It was never real.

And now

You lie alone in bed

Breathing in, breathing out

Because your love is dead…

Под звездното небе

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Вървим със теб
ръка в ръка под звездното небе.
Вървим нанякъде
без да знаем накъде.

Ръката ти е топла,
луната гали твоите коси,
над нас разстила се небето,
в очите ти блестят звезди.

Вървим насред полето
и няма никого навред,
зад нас остава злото,
бъдещето е напред.

Бог ще си помисли,
че сами сме ний на края на света.
Но никога не ще остана сам
щом в моята е твоята ръка.

Далеч напред показва се зората,
но нека не настъпва още, не,
за да повървим още малко
с теб под звездното небе…


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Immortality has been mankind’s dream since our first ancestors rose and walked on two feet. This dream is as unreachable now as it was then. Man was born, he lived and he subsequently died. That is still the rule of the universe. But in this space age and technology beyond imagination, is it still needed?

Picture a society where people are immortal. No one grows old, no diseases, no reasons to be unhappy. Or are there? Removing the fear of death from a human’s mind will no doubt lead to dangerous consequences. Since people are immortal they will no longer strive to find the perfect soulmate to spend their days with simply because their days will never end. We cannot expect one to spend all his waking moments with another when those moments will never end. Reading this you may find it hard to grasp but in your mind you all fear death and picturing yourself with your boyfriend/girlfriend forever must be like sending your soul to heaven right away. But an immortal human being would replace that feeling with a strive for constant change. Love will disappear and be replaced with simple lust and desire to satisfy one’s own sexual needs. And where do children fit in all this? I have a better question: what children? Immortal human beings would have no need to continue their legacy. Their own will never end. Things such as friendship, brotherhod, family, love will have no meaning, for in the first place they came to be when manking realized that all people are equal in one thing – their death. Remove this equality and you are left with millions of people living for the sake of themselves only with no thought about their neighbour, brother, mother or child.

So it appears that the death we all fear contributes to the life we enjoy. Withouth death, life hold no meaning…

An Elven Legend

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Long ago, when time itself was young, the only things in existance were the sun and he land. The sun, curious about the land, bowed his head close to her body, and Elgar’nan was born in the place where they touched. The sun and the land loved Elgar’nan greatly, for he was beautiful and clever. As a gift to Elgar’nan, the land brought forth great birds and beasts of sky and forest, and all manner of wonderful green things. Elgar’nan loved his mother’s gifts and praised them highly and walked amongst them often.

The sun, looking down upon the beautiful land, saw the joy that Elgar’nan took in her works and grew jealous. Out of spite, he shone his face full on all the creature the earth had created, and burned them all to ashes. The land cracked and split from bitterness and pain, and cried salt tears for the loss of all she had wrought. The pool of tears cried for the land became the ocean, and the cracks in her body the first rivers and streams.

Elgar’nan was furious at what his father had done and vowed vengeance. He lifted himself  into the sky and wrestled the sun, determined to defeat him. They fought for an eternity, and eventually the sun grew weak, while Elgar’nan’s rage was unabated. Eventually Elgar’nan threw the sun down from the sky and buried him in deep abyss created by the land’s sorrow. With the sun gone, the world was covered in shadow, and all that remained in the sky were the reminders of Elgar’nan’s battle with his father – drops of the sun’s lifeblood, which twinkled and shimmered in the darkness – the stars…

Pleased with himself, Elgar’nan sought to console his mother, the earth, by replacing all that the sun had destroyed. But the earth knew that without the sun, nothing could grow. She whispered ot Elgar’nan this truth, and pleaded with him to release his father, but Elgar’nan’s pride was great, and his vengenace was terrible, and he refused.

It was at this moment that Mythal walked out of the sea of the earth’s tears and onto the land. She placed her hand on Elgar’nan’s brow, and at her touch he grew calm and knew that his anger had led him astray. Humbled, Elgar’nan went to the place where the sun was burried and spoke to him. Elgar’nan said he would release the sun if the sun promised to be gentle and to return to the earth each night. The sun, feeling remorse at what he had done, agreed.

And so the sun rose again in the sky, and shone his golden light upon the earth. Elgar’nan and Mythal, with the help of the earth and the sun, brought back to life all the wondrous things the sun had destroyed, and they grew and thrived. And that night, when the sun had gone to sleep, Mythal gathered the glowing earth around her bed, and formed it into a sphere to be placed in the sky, a pale reflection of the sun’s true glory…

~~Dragon Age: Origins, Codex Entry~~

Alindra And The Soldier

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A long time ago there lived a fair maiden called Alindra. She had many suitors, but spurned them all, for she did not love them.

One day, Alindra was sitting by her window in her father’s castle, singing and dreaming, when her lovely voice caught the attention of a young soldier. Entranced by her song, the soldier drew near to Alindra’s window. As their eyes met, he fell in love with her, and she with him.

When Alindra told her father about the man she had chosen, he was furious, for Alindra was high-born, but her love nothing more than a common soldier. To keep them apart, he had Alindra imprisoned in the highest tower of his castle and sent her soldier to the wars.

Alas, not a month had passed before news of the soldier’s death reached Alindra. Alone in her tower, Alindra wept for her love and beseeched the gods to deliver her from this cruel world. So ernest was her plea that the gods themselves were moved. They gathered Alindra in their arms and lifted her high into the heavens, where she became a star. The gods also raised up the soul of Alindra’s soldier and there he dwells, across the horizon from her. The band of stars between them is a river of Alindra’s tears, cried for her lost love.

It is said that when Alindra has cried enough, she will be able to cross the river to be reunited with her soldier…